Meet The Playmat: The Captain

Meet The Playmat: The Captain

Within our Kilim collectionThe Captain is an earthy terracotta playmat with an aged rug-like design that adds texture to the space is it unrolled in. 

The Colour Palette 

The terracotta clay Captain has an organic richness to it like the pigment of earth, complemented with the off-white Kilim pattern and an aged, textural effect that makes it appear like a rug.

The Captain in vintage inspired interior sitting room

Modern kitchen with the Captain memory foam mat

Stylish living space with the terracotta Captain play mat

The Pattern History 

Kilim rugs are of Turkish origin and the name is used to describe a pileless rug, made using a flatweaving technique. Created by artisans for thousands of years, the explorer Mark Aurel Stein found kilim rugs dating to the fourth or fifth century, in Hotan China, but they remain a favourite floor covering in homes today. Kilim weavers often favour diagonal, geometric patterns and can include symbols within the motif

The Vision


The Stats

For our EU customers, The Standard size is available and works as a multipurpose and practical, alternative to an area rug.

In Real Life

The Captain is a beautiful warm design that complements modern, near neutral family spaces.