The 2022 collection: Totter + Tumble x Morris & Co.

The 2022 collection: Totter + Tumble x Morris & Co.

No need to keep quiet about these masterpieces any further, our collaboration with British Heritage group Morris & Co. has launched!

The four-piece collection showcases renowned Morris & Co. designs on our luxury Totter + Tumble playmats. It is a partnership that demonstrates how family interiors can be both stylish and practical, while bringing a piece of British design history into modern homes. 

Heritage group Morris & Co, nurtured by influential Arts & Crafts pioneer William Morris, uphold the same values today, that its founding father in the nineteenth century was driven by. That is to live alongside considered, crafted objects, to see beauty in simplicity and to be inspired by nature.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris, 1880

The four-piece Morris & Co. x Totter + Tumble collection draws heavily on the Great British countryside, with blackthorn berries, willow leaves, burrowing rabbits and fruit from great Oak trees featuring within the iconic Morris & Co. designs. The patterns while full of nostalgia, are timeless and can be styled into modern homes effortlessly.

Susie Stubbs, founder and CEO of Totter + Tumble says:


Ellie Tyerman, Senior Licensing Designer at Sanderson Design Group, says,

In addition to the four new designs, we are thrilled to launch a brand new size to the range - The Play Runner! It is ideal for narrow spaces where you might want some extra cushioning under foot such as hallways, kitchens, by the bed or for pre and post-natal pilates.

The four new designs are also available in our Standard, Compact and Round sizes, we have every space covered. This collaboration truly is something the Totter + Tumble team are bursting about and we hope you love our first collaboration as much as we do. Meet The Blackthorn + The Standen and The Brer Rabbit + The Acorn.

Baby playing on the Blackthorn Morris & co. collection play mat
Twins laying on the Standen Morris & Co. playmat
Baby sitting on The Brer Rabbit Morris & Co. play mat
Baby laying on The Acorn playmat Morris & Co. collection