Near Neutrals

neutral stylish totter and tumble play mats

While grey is an important pure neutral tone for interiors, we have a range of beige and taupe shades within our playmat collection, known as Near Neutrals. These calming shades offer a subtle background, ideal for styling against focal, warm textures or bolder colours.

Near Neutrals are made by mixing a pure neutral (black, grey, white or brown) with a touch of a primary colour (blue, red or yellow.) Choosing whether you prefer a brown or grey tinted Near Neutral will help you choose the playmat for you.

neutral stylish playmats from totter and tumble

The Globe Trotter, The Roamer, The Solstice, The Eclipse

We have four Near Neutrals shades in our collection:

The Globe Trotter: the lightest, creamy shade that has minimal look.

The Roamer: an earthy brown shade to sit alongside a soft colour palette.

The Solstice and The Eclipse: New to our 2021 collection, our duo of taupes, the perfect mix of grey and beige with a modern motif.