Pink, Orange + Yellow Playmats

Pink orange yellow mustard playmat totter and tumble

Pinks and Oranges are hues that promote warmth and energy. Pink harness the vibrancy of red, but in a lighter, more accessible tint. Orange is a mix of the hues of red and yellow, retaining some of the intensity of the red, yet not being overpowering.

The playmats in our pink and orange collection all add a stylish touch of colour to the space it is unrolled in, so deciding if you prefer an earthier shade or a playful pop of the hue, will help you choose the right playmat for you.

stylish orange pink yellow totter and tumble playmat

The Friend, The Captain, The Dreamer, The Keeper

We have four pink and orange shades in our collection:

The Friend: a warm plaster pink, with a yellow undertone. It’s a versatile alternative to our Near Neutrals.

The Captain: A cheerful terracotta orange, providing an artisanal feel in modern spaces.

The Dreamer: a playful colour pop of coral, to take centre stage.

The Keeper: a stimulating, honey mustard hue, ideal for rooms with a warm ambience.