Signature Kilims

Carpet weaving is steeped in artisanal history, with craftspeople producing beautiful, hand-woven rugs for over 2500 years. Our Signature Kilim one-piece playmats are inspired by traditional Kilim designs, which sit in the home as a practical, family-friendly alternative to textile floor coverings. Our collection now includes Kilims in six different tones to suit a range of interior styles.

playmats that look like a rug


We have five Signature Kilims in our collection:

The Globe Trotter: a light creamy shade that has minimal look

The Captain: a cheerful terracotta orange, providing an artisanal feel in modern spaces

The Wanderlust: a luxurious midnight teal

The Astronomer: the darkest of our playmats, in a charcoal tone which has a hint of blue

The Harvester: an earthy, rejuvenating olive green