original vintage chevron geometric totter and tumble playmat

The Original Designs

The subtle vintage chevron design dates back to Greece in 1800BC and is part of our original stylish playmat designs. Instantly recognisable as Totter + Tumble, our chevron design is one of our most discreet designs utilising the fine lines of this geometric pattern. Our collection now includes chevrons in three different Near neutral tones to suit a range of interior styles.

vintage chevron geometric original totter and tumble playmat design

From the top: The Roamer, The Nomad, The Wanderer 


We have three Vintage Chevrons in our collection:

The Roamera warm greige, soft and easy in interiors with brown undertones.

The Nomad: a mid, classic grey that works well with cooler accents and interiors.

The Wanderer: a fresh, light grey with a subtle undertone of blue-green.