At home with @mostlymosi

At home with @mostlymosi

Meet Rio from @mostlymosi. A mother of two with a passion for colour, playful interiors and creative projects. 

Rio's energetic and modern family home is a haven for adventure and play, choosing our heritage Morris & Co. collaboration designs to sit alongside her cheerful interior styling.

Rio from Mostly Mosi

How do you use your Totter + Tumble playmats in your family home? Are any ways you use them unexpected?

We use our Totter + Tumble playmats to create play corners and for our climbing frame but also as a perfect base for building with blocks or making train tracks. They are nice and soft to dance on and make the play areas look so good!

What I did not expect is that I have chosen to use one in front of the couch. This makes an extra playspace, but it is also very nice to just to relax on the floor. I love that the mats are super easy to clean, which is very important with kids around. We even use it for picnics in the living room. 

Rio from Mostly Mosi

What are your top tips for encouraging play at home?

Hide toys for a while and kids will play with it as if it is new! Also I try not to interfere too much. Kids have so much imagination, I think it is wonderful to give them space to explore. But to be honest every child, age and stage is different. 

My almost 2 years old could play with just a ball for hours and is very much into musical toys and my 8 years old still loves to build the best buildings with blocks, Lego, magnetic tiles etc. They inspire each other in play and my main job is just to create a nice and cosy space to play and sometimes join the party. Kids really love it when you take the time to play with them.

 Rio from mostly mosi

As we share the love during November and give our followers a chance to win playmats for their loved ones, do you want to nominate someone to win a free playmat?

I would like to nominate my sister Flora and her 3 year old daughter Filou. They are real circus artists and do acrobat tricks together; it is a pleasure to watch them play in this way. A playmat to lay on while practicing would come in very handy.

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