Play Matters 2023 by Totter + Tumble

Play Matters 2023 by Totter + Tumble

Our Play Matters campaign was initiated in 2019. To date we have received over 350 nominations from Totter + Tumblers and have donated over 300 playmats to 270 different charities across the UK, EU and US. 

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For Friends + Family Month we continue our monthly pledge in donating playmats to incredible charities and services you nominate.

Meet Christopher Kids, US, Next Chapter, England and ToyBox Project, Wales below who have received donations this month.

Christopher Kids.

Briefly explain what you do at Christopher Kids ?

At Christopher Kids we provide customised, accessible spaces for children with exceptional stories.  Our services are provided at no cost to the families, so we rely heavily on donations of companies and individuals.

Are there any projects that really stick out/had an impact?

We’re extremely fortunate to complete projects for incredible children and their families. While each project is special with its own story, challenges, and unique successes, there are two that are especially memorable. One of our earliest projects was for a little boy moving from a crib to a 'big boy bed' while navigating a new epilepsy diagnosis. We spent many hours researching materials, furnishings, and a layout that would be safest for him. Every inch of this space was created to keep him safe while not compromising beauty and furnishings reflective of his playful personality.

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How important are donations in the work that you do?

Donations are SO important in the work that we do, without them we would not be able to do what we do! We strive to provide each child with quality items that will serve them well through their adolescent years and, because of our amazing donors, we are able to do so. 

How can people support you?

By raising awareness for accessible design and the importance of providing children with a space that fosters hope and imagination while addressing their accessibility concerns. Our goal is to provide the children we serve with a space that is unique to their personality and interests. To support our mission with a financial donation click here.


Next Chapter

What you do at Next Chapter?

We are passionate about ensuring that every person has the opportunity to live their life free from domestic abuse. We work across North and Mid Essex providing free and confidential services to support people who are currently experiencing, or have previously experienced domestic abuse.


How important are donations in the work that you do?

Donations are vital for us to be able to support our clients. Women can often come into Refuge with little more than what they are wearing, so we provide clothing, and bedding to help get them started. We really couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of others, and we are extremely grateful for the support that we receive.

How can people support you?

There are various ways to support us that can be found on our website. As we are approaching Christmas, which can be a particularly difficult time for our clients, we are asking for donations of gifts or gift cards so that clients can purchase whatever it is they need to. A full list of ways to support us can be found here.


ToyBox Project

What do you do at ToyBox Project?
ToyBox Project is a volunteer led organisation in Caerphilly, South Wales. We gift high quality new and preloved toys to families and organisations in need, this includes those in healthcare, education, third sector and community support groups.  

ToyBox Project, Wales

How important are donations in the work that you do?
Donations and support from the public and businesses is critical to our success and enables us to meet the growing demand from the community.

How can people support you?

Whether it be donating preloved toys, buying from our Amazon Wishlist, donating time to help us process the donations or providing professional services, there are plenty of ways to support our critical work in the community. We are extremely grateful for Totter and Tumble's support as it means the children we support can play in a comfortable, engaging and safe environment thanks to their play mats.

Help us to support more charities doing incredible work at the heart of communities by nominating them to receive a playmat donation in 2024.