Meet The Playmat: The Solstice

Meet The Playmat: The Solstice

The Solstice playmat has a modern polka pattern interpretation, inspired by the sustaining, ecliptic presence of the sun. This contemporary design brings an immediate warmth to the space it is unrolled in. 

The Colour Palette

The Solstice playmat features large-scale circular shapes in aged brass and lunar white, on a taupe background. The near neutral shades are versatile, ideal for pairing with other neutrals in the space, but are great for complementing bolder tones as well.

stylish memory foam play mat in kitchen with modern polka pattern

girl plays on wooden rocker on supportive foam play mat by totter and tumble

The Pattern History

Simply meaning ‘One of a number of spots that form a pattern on cloth,’ polka dot patterns were thought of negatively until the 19th Century, when they began to be used for decoration. From there, polka dots have been seen repeatedly in different forms and scales. From the Pointillism movement to contemporary work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kasama, the dots still have a place in art, fashion and design today. Here, our polka pattern is large-scale, with two colours to create the impression of the ecliptic cycle.

The Vision 

The Stats

For the EU, the Solstice playmat is available in the Standard which works perfectly as a multipurpose, squishy area rug in family homes.

In Real Life

The Solstice is a versatile neutral playmat for anywhere in the home, complementing modern family interiors.