Playmat Focus: Rounds and Play Runners

Playmat Focus: Rounds and Play Runners

We know one size doesn’t fit all, which is why our playmat collection grew with the Round mat in 2020 and the Play Runner size in 2021.  

Whether you have a small living space available for play, want to create a yoga corner for yourself or are looking for comfort underfoot in the kitchen, these sizes may for perfect for you. 

The Round

Measuring 138cm ⌀, the Round playmat is sized so there is still plenty of space for little ones to play. It is the ideal comfy spot for a wooden baby gym, providing support for tummy time as well as giving babies protection from tumbles once they can sit unaided. Portable in size, roll it up and move it around the home or take it out onto the patio for water play and picnics on warm days.

Mum and baby on Round Scout design play mat by Totter + Tumble

babies playing on round Strawberry Thief playmat

baby laying on back on comfortable foam play mat by Totter + Tumble iconic Standen motif

The Play Runner

Our Play Runner is perfect for play but can be the squishy base for so many other activities in the family home. Sized at 180 x 65cm, it is ideal for exercise or meditation, while the narrow size means it's perfect as a standing mat in the kitchen, keeping you cushioned as you wash up or cook. The non-slip, textured surface is ideal for unrolling in the bathroom as well, making changing little ones before and after the bath easier.

lady washing up standing on ergo foam kitchen runner

lady working out on play mat with baby laying and watching

baby sitting on squishy runner in bathroom playing with natural sponge