Tips to keep your playmat box fresh for longer!

Tips to keep your playmat box fresh for longer!

Spring has sprung, and that often comes with a new desire to clean, tidy and declutter at home. If you are busy blitzing your spaces, don’t forget to give your playmat a once over. 

Because we know family life is busy, our playmats are designed to be easy to clean, with a completely sealed, waterproof surface. Our full Care Guide can be found here, but below are our tips for spring cleaning your playmat.


The Deep Clean

The best way to deep clean your playmat is to use your standard dish detergent or hand soap, with a touch of hot water and a soft cloth or sponge. Work the bubbly mixture in a gentle, circular motion all over the surface of your playmat. For any stuck in grime that a busy family home generates, bend the playmat back at that spot, to expose the embo and allow the bubbles to work their magic into the textured surface. Follow up with a semi-damp cloth to remove the excess and dry the surface.


The Quick Spritz

Just want to give the surface of your playmat a quick spritz between play or is your playmat not very grimey? The Dettol Surface Spray cleaner (the one for chopping boards and baby equipment) is our go to safe solution. Again use a soft cloth to work the spray across the surface, but remember to wipe dry once you have finished so it isn’t slippery.

The Stain Buster 

Stains are often inevitable with little people around the home, and while we don’t say that our playmats are completely stain-proof, we do have a tried and tested formula for removing some common stains such as mud and food spills! Combine three parts of bicarbonate soda (the one you’ll find in your kitchen cupboard) with one part water and mix into a paste. This can then be applied onto stains and left to work its magic for a few hours, before wiping away - no scrubbing! A drop or two of clear vinegar can be added if you have it, for some extra stain busting power.


The Full Works

For the most stubborn of stains, you may need to give your playmat the full works. And while not all stains can be successfully removed, this method may help! Choose a sunny day and take your playmat outside if you can. Start by washing your playmat with the hose and a bubbly mix made with washing up liquid. It’s best to dry the mat by leaning it across a garden table, so the excess water can run off. Then allow it to fully dry in the sunshine. Just like the sunshine can lift stains from baby grows, it can also fade stains on the playmat surface. 


Remember to familiarise yourself with our full Care Guide but if you need any specific advice or help when it comes to cleaning your playmat, don't hesitate to send us an email on: