Trends | Pink as a neutral

Trends | Pink as a neutral

Pink has historically been a gendered colour and often associated to childhood, but there has been a resurgence in earthier or blush-beige pink shades being used throughout modern homes. We take a look how Totter + Tumble's pink playmats The Severn and The Friend can be styled within this genderful, contemporary interior trend. 

The severn play mat gentle pink kilim design for modern homes

Mum and daughter enjoy floor time together on severn play mat subtle pink motif for modern spaces

Replacing a neutral shade like grey or a near neutral like cream, for an earthy pink, adds a fresh natural influence to interiors, in the same way tonal greens can. From Farrow & Ball's dusty Setting Plaster shade, to Sherwin Williams' colour of the year for 2023, Redent Point, there are so many modern paint choices, wallpapers and decorative items available to help you use pink subtly in your family home.

For modern, relaxed styling using pink, bring in natural materials from stone to rattan and use layered neutral or earthy tones so that the elements of pink don't dominate. This is ideal for living spaces, as it offers a gentle Millennial Pink effect, instead of it overpowering like Barbiecore Pink.

Pink can also be used effectively to emphasise vintage-inspired styling. Pair up with green-grey tones, decorative decor including scalloped lampshades and nostalgic wallpaper, such as the Disney x Sanderson launch, which includes a delicate 'Candyfloss' colourway of the 101 Dalmations motif, that has just the right balance of pink for a gender neutral child's bedroom or playroom.

Our pink playmats are designed with earthy tones, so they can be used in both warm and cool schemes and are light enough to function as a neutral, but add a gentle warmth as well. Visit our Design Guide to learn more about about pink designs.